qaisi cake

recipes with dried apricots

Apricot is one of the delicious and useful fruits that are abundant in the summer. This fruit contains various vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the health of the body. But what can you do with the apricots? One of the ways to use apricots is to prepare apricot qaisi. Qaisi is a healthy […]

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Excellent Qaisi Sellers at a reasonable price, great quality

It is better to know that Qaisy of apricot is the same leaf that is obtained by drying its fruit. Todayits trade and export are very prosperous, and its day-to-day buying and selling prices can be accessed online. This food has many benefits and properties, which we will talk about in the rest of the […]

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The price of delicious Qaisi apricots + wholesale and cheap packaging specifications

One of the most popular winter snacks is qaisi leaf and apricot. Qaisi leaves and apricots are prepared in different ways, but one of the most common ways to prepare Qaisi leaves and apricots is the acid method. And apricots, in addition to being one of the tasty snacks, also have many properties that we […]

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