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One of the most popular winter snacks is qaisi leaf and apricot.


Qaisi leaves and apricots are prepared in different ways, but one of the most common ways to prepare Qaisi leaves and apricots is the acid method. And apricots, in addition to being one of the tasty snacks, also have many properties that we will mention in this article.

Apricot is a species of the Rosacea family, which is known for having a yellow and sweet shaft fruit. Qaisi is also a type of apricot that is natively planted and harvested in many regions of Iran, including East Azerbaijan and Shahrud. Qaisi usually has a larger fruit with a firmer texture, but it is very sweet and tasty.

Now that we know the difference between apricot and apricot, you should know that the properties of these two fruits are similar and they differ only slightly in the appearance of the fruit.

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The first thing you should know about the properties of all dried fruits is that dried fruit only loses its moisture and does not lose any of its elements, vitamins and minerals, but on the contrary of all this. Nutrients per unit weight of dry fruit are more than the unit weight of fresh fruit, and therefore, by comparing the amount of consumption of the same weight of dry and fresh fruit, you will receive more nutrients in the consumption of dry fruit, and this is a point that is related to It applies to all types of dried fruit.

The second important point regarding the therapeutic properties of any food in traditional medicine is to examine its nature, because the main basis of traditional medicine is the physiology of the body, and we should not consume anything that is not compatible with our body’s nature, such as apricots. And Qaisi has been diagnosed as hot and dry in traditional medicine.

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Fiber is one of the very useful substances in apricots and Qaisi, the amount of which has been detected in these two fruits, so soaked apricots and dried Qaisi or so-called leaves are used as laxatives to relieve constipation.


Soaking apricot leaves and Qaisi and using them for babies over six months improves their digestion and relieves constipation in babies, which is usually a common thing.

Of course, you should not overdo the consumption of this food for babies, in addition, due to the presence of very large amounts of vitamins and iron, it can meet all the nutritional needs of the child for these essential substances.

Studies have proven that the continuous consumption of apricot leaves and qaisi can prevent lung diseases, especially lung cancer. The risk of lung cancer in smokers is extremely high, so smokers are advised to consume apricot leaves or qaisi in the program. Include in your daily food.

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Apricot and Qaisi leaves are known for having large amounts of iron, and the use of the leaves can help the bone marrow cells to increase the production of red blood cells, so the continuous use of the leaves can help to cure anemia.

Complications such as anemia and constipation become annoying during pregnancy, consuming leaves can be useful in eliminating these complications, in the first days after delivery, it is effective in reducing the rate of vaginal infection and bleeding, and it also increases breast milk during breastfeeding.

Moderate consumption of apricot leaves and qaisi can be effective in the process of weight loss and slimming.

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It should be noted that some people call apricot leaves Qaisi, therefore, every Qaisi in the market is not really Qaisi leaves and may be Apricot leaves.

How to prepare apricot leaves and Qaisi Tizabi:


Since ancient times, it has been customary to use acid to speed up the drying process of fruit and it is still used today.

As you know, there are different methods for preparing apricot leaves, such as spreading them under the sun, using an oven for drying, and using a fruit dryer machine, each of these methods has its own limitations, for example Spreading under the sun for a long time without using acid causes it to become infected and prey for insects, using an oven if the proper temperature is not used, can lead to burning of the fruit and also requires the expenditure of electricity.

The use of fruit dryer also limits the space and capacity of the device, but the use of acid can eliminate each of these defects.

In order to prepare apricot leaves and Qaisi by acid, first prepare the acid from Shaghar stone or acid, it should be noted that the alkaline environment that acid provides for the fruit not only causes the fruits to dry quickly, but also disinfects them.

Shaghar: the frozen sap of the Ashnan plant (Seidlitzia Rosmarinus Spp.) which can be seen as black stones.

An alkaline substance similar to igneous rock is obtained by burning the leaves of Ashnan in their green state. This stone is called Shaghar (in local language). which are used in industrial and traditional centers such as soap making, pottery, washing silk threads, glass making and making raisins.

This stone has an alkaline property and the contact of the apricots with the solution of Shaghar water (acid) causes the skin of the apricots to thin, or in other words create small pores, which is the main purpose of the quick drying of the apricots.

After preparing the acid solution, put the pitted and washed fruits whose moisture has dried in the acid solution for one minute, then put the fruits in a strainer to remove all the acid and then Dry the sheets by any of the drying methods that are more possible for you and be sure that this method increases the drying speed and improves the previous defects.

In the preparation of acidic apricot leaves, or in general, any type of fruit that is supposed to be dried in an acidic way, the amount and percentage of the acid solution is very important, the percentage of the solution should not be so low that it does not have much effect on the drying speed. or it is so thick that it has a negative effect on the taste and aroma of the fruit, so the percentage of the acid solution in the preparation of apricot leaves or qaisi is the potion.

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