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It is better to know that Qaisy of apricot is the same leaf that is obtained by drying its fruit. Todayits trade and export are very prosperous, and its day-to-day buying and selling prices can be accessed online.

This food has many benefits and properties, which we will talk about in the rest of the article.Please stay with us until the end .

People who want to lose weight quickly can mix and eat it empty or mixed with a little warm water which is very effective in this.


There are also those who have a weak digestive system and usually have a hard time excreting waste from their bodies. Our suggestion is that in order to have a healthier digestion, it is better to use these herbs in their daily routine.

Qaisi Apricot business

Fortunately, today, Qaisi Apricot business has a very good market and many people have been able to make the best income for themselves and their families by working in this field.This product has many fans in European countries, where domestic manufacturers and traders have been able to earn a lot of currency for our country by sending many loads.It is better to know that Arab and European countries have the highest demand for this dry fruit They are delicious  and tasty.

Qaisi Apricot export

apricots due to its favorable climate to produce and supply, also because of its high load, it enjoys good export. Countries such as: Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and other countries have good climate and export conditions and have been able to export the best qaisi.


It is interesting to know that until today, Iraq has had the highest purchase of Qaisi from Iran which is considered an excellent point for Iranian product manufacturers.

Daily price of Qaisi Apricot

Nowadays, due to the fact that virtual space has made the work of many people easy, you can get the daily price of apricots in this way.

One of the important factors that can affect the price How to make apricot jam To be effective is its taste and shape, the better it is, the better the price.


Packaging is another factor that has a great impact on the price of this food. Also, the size and volume that is considered can also have a suitable value, for example, packages that are 500 grams depending on the price. They are lower than other weights.

Buy apricot jam

Always in order to be able to eat the best food such as: apricot jam and dried figs Buy it for yourself and follow the points mentioned below to get the best and best result in your choice.

Be careful that the skin of this food has a transparent color and is free of any stains and blackness Also, it should be used in packages that are very tightly pressed so that it is away from any kind of contamination and banana animals. It must have a standard mark. so that you can use it safely.


Another important thing is that it should have an expiration date so that you know how long it will last and then buy it. In the absence of these standards, you may spend a lot of money to get this product, but after a while, you will notice that your product is damaged . This can cause financial losses.

Day sale of apricot jam

In order to be able to sell apricot jam at the daily price, it is better to have studies about its dried fruit market so that you can be more successful and productive in this field. You will get a cold heart from your activity, so be sure to get information in your field of activity before anything else.

Wholesale purchase of apricot jam

People who have become aware of the benefits of this apricot juice usually buy in bulk to save on prices.According to traditional medicine, this food is warm and dry, and people who have a cold stomach can use this food with confidence.

In the food and nutritional plan of your children, you must have organic vegetables and leaves Put it because it regulates the digestive system in children and they can digest food more easily in their own stomach.

It can also be said that it has a significant effect on the growth of many children, of course, be careful that if you use this food too much, you may suffer from severe diarrhea.

It should be noted that this food has a very high property of stopping and reducing dry coughs and people who have severe or even mild lung infections can benefit from apricot juice, which is very effective in improving them.

Qaisi Apricot buyer

Most of the people who are buyers of apricot jam are from neighboring countries, which have helped a lot in the country’s foreign exchange.

In order for this product to have a longer shelf life, it is prepared in dried or leaf form, so that its benefits can be enjoyed in all seasons of the year.

Qaisi is highly recommended for pregnant women to consume due to its high potassium and iron content, so that both themselves and the fetus can benefit from this beneficial food.

Also, people who have a severe vitamin deficiency can compensate for it instead of using chemical supplements from apricot leaves to use

In the end, you are the one who chooses the best for your health.


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